Starting dry januari with a new song: Driftwood

And yet another scene from our sailor’s odyssey. ‘Driftwood’ is the fifth track from our new album in the making, which unfolds a crucial part of the story, articulating the female protagonist’s perspective on the sailor’s misbehavior before he flees to Port Henry. The dark analog synths and gloomy guitars create an intense indie rock… Continue reading Starting dry januari with a new song: Driftwood

Summer release: Sea Devil

In august ’23 our new song has emerged from the shallows: It’s the next chapter (4/10) in the tale to be told in full on our second album. Trouble on the ocean’s bed, renaissence in Paris, on a baroque guitar theme accompanied by devote organ and a French-feel accordeon solo… hope you’ll enjoy all that!

Scarlet Mill

Scarlet Mill is a Dutch indie/alternative rock band. Their first album ‘Chronicles’ came out in 2020, proudly published by Indigo Mice Records. Recently a third single, ‘In You’, and a mini EP, the diptych-in-Dutch “Van Kanoet en Bryzoaan” were released. Please feel welcome to explore our website by navigating through the menu at the top!

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