You’re Mine

And yes, we’ve released our second song from the upcoming new album and – though not a true original – it’s summer vibes all around..

“You’re Mine” is a fully reworked and repolished, rerecordered and remastered, now bi-langual duet version of our earlier Chronicles song “Je Suis à Toi”. Inspired by the French chanson tradition, and good old ethereal dark wave from the 80’s in the style of early 4AD and Sylvian/Fripp, in the first French part of this duet, the female character expresses her unconditional and selfless love over a serene, classical piano serenade. In the second, English dark-wavy part, the male grinds this to a stifling greed, devoid of all love. The classical sounds of the cello and clarinet, and the atmospheric guitars, bind the two pieces together. Don’t miss out on our latest release, and presave the song on Spotify. Happy summer holidays to y’all!